Hi, I'm Michael. I develop web stuff.

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Hello there! My name is Michael and I am a web developer in the Baltimore, Maryland area. I've been doing this for a good while now. I think I'm pretty good at it and you should, too. You can read about me below, or you can skip my ramblings and tell me to get to the point.

JavaScript, PHP, Java, C, Python, HTML/CSS, SQL and the rest

Like most people who have a website for themselves, I have a resume available online. You can find it right about here.

I have worked two summers now as an intern at Google, Inc. Before that I worked in an internship at Mindgrub, LLC, and as a contractor at Adventure Web Productions.

I am the manager and head developer of Ampquot, a small developer group working on some cool projects. Find more about that on my blog below.

I like to make open source stuff because open source is pretty sweet. I put most of my projects on GitHub. You can find a few of them here:

Intercom, a JS based online console. Built to be extended with modules written with the API included in the project. Great for backends and quick issues. Soon launching the 'Intercom Native' project giving the capability to use Intercom modules to drive your user-facing site without the console showing.

Project Heights, a JavaScript game engine focused on simplicity of implementation and low overhead. See more at heightsjs.com.

I have a blog, too. Those are cool, right?

I typically write about programming things, or other nerdy stuff like that. I will also be using my blog to post updates on my projects and all of the other random things I tend to do.